ALEY SEOUDY Postproduction • assists video editing and formatting of SLF projects. Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, the editor and cinematographer began his career in Cairo. Having departed his homeland in the Arab Spring's wake, Seoudy completed his BFA in Film, focused on documentary production, in Brooklyn College, where he made Between Me and Him (2021), his prize-winning thesis. Seoudy's docs examine the identities and politics of immigrants in the United States. He has worked as an editor on the feature-length Utica: The Last Refuge, which observes how recently arrived Sudanese have revived an Upstate New York city, and he is completing his own short about Burmese refugees in an eastern Pennsylvania small town. In NYC he operates as an independent filmmaker, whose clients have included UNICEF and VMware as he also works on varied projects for Picture Machine, Off Ramp Films, and the National Media League, all in Brooklyn. Aley lives with his wife and son, across from Queens, in Manhattan.