THE ACTOR IN HIS LABYRINTH (2021, 32 mins) examines the passion of Colombia-born actor Sebastián Ospina as he promotes and performs Into the Shadows of Nothingness, the one-man play he researched and wrote about the life of Simón Bolívar, the Great Liberator of South America's north. We observe Ospina's interborough trek between Manhattan, where he promotes his work at Central Park's Bolívar monument and exercises in Washington Square, and Queens, where the actor stages his work in different venues in the heart of Colombian NYC. Ospina's interamerican life journey –– from Cali to NYC, from Colombian TV star to itinerant theater actor –– viscerally manifests itself in the charismatic artist's identification with his protagonist's peripatetic life, intense loves, and inspirational aura. I previewed an advanced work-in-progress cut at Seeing Social Globalization in Queens at Terraza 7, a film series of my docs supported by a City Artist Corps grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts, the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, the Mayor's Office on Media and Entertainment, and the Queens Theatre.