Al Pacino changed my life.

The last thing I need in my

family is a Communist.

THE ACTOR IN HIS LABYRINTH (2022, 32 mins) maps Sebastián Ospina's journey from Colombian TV star to "nomadic" NYC theater actor, by observing how his interborough travels and travails today resonate with those of Simón Bolívar in the play the actor wrote and performs about the South American Liberator's final trek through Colombia, two centuries ago. The doc connects the charismatic actor's story to those of Bolívar himself (whom Ospina's ancestors attempted to assassinate) and of the noted Colombian filmmaker Luis Ospina (Sebastián's late brother) as it navigates between the artist's past and present in NYC, where an encounter with Al Pacino in the 1970s changed his life and where we observe him performing his Bolívar play today in Jackson Heights-Elmhurst, Queens, the Colombian heart of the city –– in pursuit of his life goal: "to be meaningful." Consequently, Ospina's own labyrinthine quest poignantly dramatizes a shared human desire to accomplish things that, as the actor puts it, "will outlast me."