Sequences from Between Neighborhoods on CUNY TV's Short Docs Digital Series

Interview about Between Neighborhoods on CUNY TV's Short Docs Digital Series

Between Neighborhoods Symposium • CUNY Graduate Center Amy Chazkel, Laura Wexler, Seth Fein, Pete L'Official, Mary Louise Pratt, and Freddy Castiblanco, left to right, discuss the project's first iteration as an installation.

BETWEEN NEIGHBORHOODS (81mins, 2018) contemplates the interborough and international present and past of Queens at once. Working in split screen, the documentary diptych moves between archival and original footage to see the histories that orbit the Unisphere, between the era of Robert Moses, who built the giant stainless-steel globe at the last New York World's Fair and that of Donald Trump, whose attempt to wall off the United States from the world mirrors the walling off of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park from those who have arrived from around the world to globalize Queens.  BETWEEN NEIGHBORHOODS has exhibited transatlantically, as a film and as an installation, in festivals and universities, where it has been the subject of symposiums. It won the Founders Choice Award for Documentary at the Queens World Film Festival and it was nominated for Best Documentary at the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema, in which it screened at the Queens Museum, in front of the Unisphere. Upcoming screenings include the Queens Historical Society.If you are interested in streaming or purchasing a disc or booking a screening/Q&A, here's where to begin.